Store Hours:

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday 10:00am – 4:00pm
Closed on Sunday

The Nut Factory is a small family owned business, operating in Lafayette, California since it began in 1951 when the Henderson family roasted almonds in their Orinda, California home.

Our privilege:

It is our honor, to uphold the atmosphere of this small personal business, that the Hendersons created, in which Lou Dunn, Charlotte Cunningham, Mike Kearney and Jim Kearns, carried on the tradition of this business. Now, Pam Paxton Eis, Mike Kearney Jr., and  Jeff Kearney still provide that exceptional atmosphere of this personal business.
Thank you, The Nut Factory Family

The History

The Henderson Nut Factory, Inc.
Keys, California. “The Ranch” as it was so characterized, included within its periphery forty acres of almond trees.
Lafayette, California. “Factory Operations” encourage by his neighbors in Orinda, California, Stewart Henderson opened a factory with a store front “Henderson Almonds.”
History-3.Previous owner1974 
Lafayette, California. “Henderson Nut Factory” Stewart Henderson sold his company to two local women,  Lou Dunn and  Charlotte Cunningham. They managed the operation till 1987. They then sold the business to Charlotte’s husband Mike Kearney and his business partner Jim Kearns.
Lafayette, California. “The Henderson Nut Factory Inc.” Mike and Jim operated this small family owned business until they retired. Mike Kearney then took over the operation till his passing in 2009.
History-4.MikeSr.and.the.girls2009 to 2017
Lafayette, California. “The Henderson Nut Factory Inc.” Mike Kearney’s two sons Mike Jr., Jeff, and Nut Factory manager Pam Paxton-Eis now continue the fine tradition of offering fresh roasted nuts, assorted gourmet goodies and “Gifts For Any Occasion.”